Privacy Policy

Such as when a visitor to order in our site, We may collect the personal information of a visitor. We obtain personal information of visitors properly,and we adhere to the laws and regulations and other norms, we share and manage and use it.It is limited to within the scope of the purpose of business use and the period required for the purpose.When a visitor use our service, We will consider that a visitor has agreed to this provision.

Collection and the Purpose of Personal Information

Information which a visitor filled in by order or inquiry (Information about a contact name, gender, address, telephone number, e-mail address, company name, organization name, department name, title, etc.) will be used within the scope of the purpose of payment processing and business services and contact.

Security of Personal Information

We strive to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, destruction, misuse, theft, loss of personal information of a visitor. When a visitor sends information, that information is encrypted using SSL(Secure Socket Layer) software for security in this site.

Disclosure to Third Parties

If a third party involved in the transaction of a visitor, We will report about it to a visitor. If a visitor's consent is not obtained, we do not share for promotional purposes and do not provide personal information to third parties.


we have a responsibility to support the management of personal information and inquiries. graffiti-booth Co., Ltd.

Contact Us

When a visitor wants to contact us, please mail to the address at our own letter or use the email inquiry. Please write a detailed description of the contents of your needs and concerns about privacy and the contents of the service. For inquiries and other questions thank you from here.


If there is anything unclear, please contact us. We will answer.